We are Shan & Beth.

We thought writing each others bios would be the ‘creative’ thing to do, so here it is.

Shannon is from Ruislip meaning she doesn’t know the difference between bought and brought and says ‘gev’ instead of gave. She has an obsession with cacti, it’s baffling considering once I had to tweeze 30+ needles from her hand when she played catch with a cactus.

Beth is from the South, but moved North and is now moving back down South (very confusing). If your agency has a dog then good luck getting Beth to do any work, but at least if she goes missing we will know where to find her. She also seems to have a strange phobia of cacti, absolutely no idea why.

Somehow we got Campaign to write about us twice, check it out here:


and here:



Cream winners 2018

D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil - Burger King

The One Club Portfolio Night - Second Place

Shan loves emails, feel free to send us one to keep her occupied: shanandbeth@outlook.com